GROUT RESCUE: A wide range of colour choices

Now, with Grout Rescue Colour & Seal, you can colour your grout work with our range of stylish colours, as shown in our swatch set. We’ve pre-selected a good range of 10 colours, but depending on your requirements, we can provide further colours if you need a particular colour/tint.

Truly Bespoke – on Demand.

If you have a unique colour you must match to, we can help – provide a sample or a swatch and we will endeavour to match the colour*

*Commercial applications only. Subject to minimum order quantity

Note: The colour swatches provide a near match to the actual product, however, as you may expect, screen displays and print process cannot match the colours 100% accurately, so if colour matching is crucial, we recommend you find a stockist and see the product colours in store. Universeal will not be responsible for any colour matching problems as it remains the final responsibility of the user to confirm colour suitability.

grout rescue colour swatches

Money Saving

Money Saving

Removing old grout and starting again can be both time-consuming and expensive, especially if you have to employ someone to do it for you!

With Grout Rescue Colour & Seal, you can simply work with the existing grout, even if it’s dirty or stained. Apply the Grout Rescue Sealer in the desired colour for immediate effect – a tidy ‘good as new’ result and at the fraction of the time/cost as a replacement job.

Unique Formula

Unique Formula

Grout Rescue Colour & Seal is a non-toxic, water based mild solvent sealer. It has been specially formulated to penetrate deep into the grout, and when fully cured it will provide a permanent seal to the grout.

The 10 stylish colour choices help you to create the right look for your tiled area, and changing the grout colour can have an immediate impact on the whole look of the tiles.

Pristine Finish

Pristine Finish

Grout Rescue Colour & Seal colour sealer can restore even the dirtiest, damaged and ugly grout to a new look finish. This process will permanently colour and seal the grout to make the grout look even better than the day it was installed.

Grout Rescue Colour & Seal is safe and simple to use, this unique formula allows for easy application by the professional tradesman and DIY homeowner.

Stain Repellent

Stain Repellent

Once Grout Rescue Colour & Seal is applied and fully cured it will provide the ultimate level of sealing protection for your grout.

Spillages that would have previously stained left to stand, simply wipe up clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

Watch it in action: HD Video Guide

Before & After!

Clearly Brilliant Results

Universeal Grout Rescue Colour & Seal is a one-of-a-kind grout colourant and sealer, it is a great way to restore and renew your wall and floor grout to a better than new condition.

The results simply speak for themselves.

Ready to Buy?

Grout Rescue Colour & Seal is your ideal choice for bringing old and dirty grout back to life. Try it and you will be amazed by the result.